Johnny Gil & Stacy Lattisaw -

Oh my goodness!!! A true blast from the past!! Do you remember these guys?!?! They seemed to be such an odd couple. I didn’t even know they were dating! I thought they were just together to promote their 1984 hit song “Perfect Combination.” This is the one and only New Edition’s Johnny Gill, and solo artist Stacy Lattisaw! You know, when I looked at Johnny Gill’s young face at the time, I just couldn’t believe that that strong voice came out of a guy that was still pretty much adolescent. “Perfect Combination” reached #10 on the R&B charts; and was released about 2 years BEFORE he was signed on as a new member of the legendary New Edition.

Lou Rawls and Sam Cooke -

I got a second surprise snapshot for my blog fans! This is an extremely rare photo of the late Lou Rawls and the late Sam Cooke! They appear to be about 17-19 years of age here. To my understanding, they’ve always been the best of friends. In fact, their friendship was so close, the music industry called the “The Musical Brothers.” You know, I wanna share with you something I never realized. One of my favorite songs “Bring It On Home To Me,” I assumed it was all sung by Sam Cooke. I didn’t realize that Lou Rawls was actually singing in the background! ? Wow!!! Some great music back in the day.

The Freaks Come Out At Night! by Whoodini -

Wow! Look what I found in my magazine collection! Just been awhile since I’ve done a snapshot. So, let’s do this! When it comes to me listening to hip hop back in the day; Whodini’s music was the type of music you’d most likely witness me listening to. Yeah, young kids may laugh at rap groups like this now, calling it “bubble-gum music.” But back in the day, raps like these where considered serious music, especially when you looked at it from a sales standpoint. Didn’t matter if you personally hated this music, because the massive profits made these types of opinions irrelevant. This was an era where, rappers enunciated their lyrics, and we understood what they were rapping about. Not only was Whodini on top of the rap game, they were also very active in anti-drug campaigns, which included a collaboration with the late (then NYC governor) Mario Cuomo.

I found this old 80’s poster of the late legendary Prince. I love this photo because it reminds me of the Zoot suit era. Suspenders came back really strong in the 80s. Nowadays, I think the only time we see anyone with suspenders on, is if they’re a “Street Mime,” or someone who works in a circus ? I miss the eighties so much, this was the age when we had the most creative styles in my opinion.

Another classic pic of the legendary Janet Jackson c. 1980s

Another classic photo from my scrapbook!! Janet Jackson, present for the American Music Awards! I am pretty confident that this was in 1983. Janet was enjoying the success of her hit song “Young Love.” Although “Young Love” only reached #64th position on the Top  100 Charts, it shot up to #6 on the R&B category.

Michael Jackson 3M ad 1981

This 3M ad was published in c. 1981, and I feel that Michael should have stopped his surgeries right here! This was at a time when even though he had a little work done, his face still looked natural, and it was a great look for him. I always found it interesting that the media talked about all kinds of “Michael Moments,” but very rare has the media talked about his addiction to plastic surgeries. I guess the media found it more interesting talking about his strange relationship between “Bubbles the chimp” and himself.

Here is an amazing candid photo of the legendary Fats Domino (1928-2017). He was best known for his (what I call) piano pop. His music was categorized as rock ‘n’ roll, but if you really listen to his music it’s a mixture of pop, jazz and blues. I guess in those days, anybody who has their fingers moving as fast as his across the piano, it was immediately stamped rock, regardless! 😀 Now, I always remembered him primarily as a singer & piano player; but he also played sax and electric guitar. Fats had about 34-36 records that hit the top 40s. It is interesting that I can’t find any #1 hits from Fats, however, he has sold millions of records. The highest ranking song was at #6 called “Whole Lotta Loving.” Keep in mind this was based on the Top 100 category; he may have been higher in Billboard’s rock category.

Here’s something from way back in the 80s. This is Susan from Apollonia 6, Ricky from New Edition, and Apollonia from Apollonia 6. You know, I really do miss the classy photos we used to get in entertainment magazines back in the day. It’s a shame Apollonia 6 did not receive the same success as when Vanity was the lead. The only thing she had even close to a hit was “Sex Shooter.” Even then, it peaked #85,  it only got air play because of the Purple Rain movie I recon.

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