*Blog Changes: Additional Streaming Services:

In an effort to make my blog more inclusive with regard to the music times we’re in; as of the last few weeks & going forward; I’ve decided to employ the use of FREE link aggregators that help to pull in music links from other major streaming services (including YouTube). I cannot go back and change all my older Spotify links, but, goin’ forward all my music links will include all major services. No need to sign up for anything. Just click on the service you like to use. It is my opinion that music lovers still should have a Spotify account, simply because not only do they offer freemium services, they offer free services with very little restrictions. But, whatever your political or emotional reasons for hating Spotify, it’s irrelevant here. I’m sharing memories, not what you think is the best music service.

Spotify is a free, and very popular streaming service that many bloggers (such as myself) use to share music with other Spotify users (legally). Spotify has been around since 2006, with a library of about 45+ million songs now, and continues to add more songs weekly. Please be advised that Spotify is its own independent entity, and is not affiliated in any way shape or form with my merchants. Also, please note that I am not employed by Spotify. Any thoughts, opinions and experiences written are strictly of my own. I’ve chosen to include the word “Spotify” in my blog’s name to clearly indicate, unmistakably, that my blog employs the use of the Spotify service. Therefor, I have no professional relationship with Spotify. Any technical issues, or “how to” documentations must be handled by directly!


Spotify Links:

Spotify provides both free accounts, as well as paid accounts for unlimited legal downloading (ad free). You must have Spotify installed (either PC or mobile) in order to enjoy music on my blog. Most of the time I use Spotify’s URI code, which only Spotify recognize (when it’s installed). The URI code tells Spotify what song/album you’re looking for, and simply fetches it from it’s own secure database! Without Spotify installed, the URI code is useless.

However, if for example you’re at work and you’re not allowed to install Spotify on your computer, you can visit Spotify’s web player, and simply copy and paste the URI code in the search field and Spotify will find your desired song/album. I really apologize for any inconvenience; I designed my site primarily for mobile use.


Spotify Free Accounts:

To take advantage of Spotify’s free accounts, you MUST go to Spotify directly to download & install their app. Spotify’s free accounts DO NOT REQUIRE A CREDIT CARD! All you need is a valid email address and a chosen password. Please be aware that, only the desktop version is free with “On-Demand” play enabled. However, Spotify’s free mobile app can only be played in shuffle mode.

Also, please note that the free PC version of Spotify will allow you to listen full original albums via On-Demand. However, for free mobile app Spotify users, you can only play full albums/playlists in shuffle mode.


*Merchant Links:

I use both Google Ads & other merchants affiliates that provide interesting products I think my readers may like. Using Google/online vendors allow me to make a little money to help with server costs. The clickable merchant links will almost always be at the footer of every other couple of blog articles. Please keep in mind that I am not directly associated with, nor do I directly represent any of the product links I may advertise. Once a link has been clicked, you’re then taken outside of’s website, and directly to the merchant’s website. Please consider using google search through my blog, as both your clicks and purchases help support the cost of maintenance. Like radio stations, there are costs associated with running that station, and they have to be paid.


Questions & Concerns:

For any further questions  about my blog or concerns you may have, please direct message me via twitter @Spanning60Years, or you can visit my Twitter page. Please share my site with all your classic friends! Thank you.

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