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You know, I know the title of today’s post may seem a little odd. I had an interesting conversation with someone on reddit. I wanted to get a sense of how people find new music; and whether or not people still use Facebook or even Tumblr to find new music. I mentioned a very popular site called Pitchfork. Pitchfork is a very well known site that writes about new, and often times eccentric artists. Personally, the kinds of music Pitchfork writes about really wasn’t my type of music (to tell you the truth), and I still considered myself a pretty musically open minded person. The fellow reddit user shared that he doesn’t read Pitchfork anymore because (I get a sense that) in essence they’ve changed focus on the kinds of artists they now write about.

Finding new (whether an old vinyl, or fresh hot off the radio) music still requires a lot of soul searching. People take for granted just how hard it is!

I guess a bloggers focus can change, yes… But, understand that the whole purpose of having a blog is to share your journal of personal interest and make them public. Having a blog is similar to having a personal diary. So, as your interest change, so will your favorite blog. On the other hand, we have to remember that, it is also true that growing up, music was always filtered on the radio. In other words, we were fed music we were supposed to listen to. Today, we’re exposed to more music than we’d like to deal with. Perhaps this is the perfect case for the importance of just listening to your favorite streaming service, and allowing the algorithms to do its job and learn your taste. I don’t have a complete understanding of how scientifically the algorithms work, but it’s pretty mind-blowing how over time the streaming services actually recommends music along the lines of my taste. it’s frightening how what boils down to AI (artificial intelligence) could learn me and my tastes like that!

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Google Engine: Find What You Want