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Is anybody else confused by today’s music charts like me? For the purpose of blogging, I decided to dive in the new era of digital “top hits.” You know, obviously I am very pro music streaming, but the way we find music now has become so unnecessarily challenging in some ways. Now, I guess people can make the argument that it’s my age that gets in the way of understanding or even accepting the new concepts of music streaming. However, I doubt it has anything to do with my age (as that would be the first thing a young person would point out). I am one of the very few my age that not only understands, but actually use the technology more than 80% of most people in my age group (on a consistent basis). Having said that, my reality is that many of these “Top Hits” charts are just not efficient in my opinion.

Genres appeared to have been completely removed from streaming music charts!

This appears to be inline with many streaming services.

I am very saddened that websites that keep track of digital song hits have abandoned genres. I feel genres are very important, because they allow us to zero in on the type of music we like. Now we’re forced to listen through music genres we really may not like. This can be not only tedious, but unnecessary work. Streaming services may get away with not having genres because of the heavy reliance on algorithms, but in my opinion, you can’t apply that to music charts, because our reasons for goin’ there are slightly different. Another complication is that many of these “Top Charts” come from different places. So, in other words, one song may be #1 on Spotify, but #9 on Youtube. I think we need someone to build a site that combines all the streaming counts from various streaming services, and spit out a single average for each song, that would tell us what the hits are.

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