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What’s the secret to making a good playlist? Well, in my opinion, let me start off by writing what it should NOT be! Today, the reality is for a significant part of our global population has been affected as a result of social media. And I’m sure more than others depending on whether or not you have a site to promote. Having said that, a playlist should not be created for the purpose of getting likes or thumbs up. Now, I don’t mean to stereotype anyone. I’m pretty sure that a lot of my thoughts come from the fact that I came from a different generation when it comes to music. However, if you’ve listened to as much music as I have throughout my life, you can not only judge the quality of music (based on my preferred genres), but you can tell what songs belong together or blend well within a playlist. When creating a playlist, these things should be taken in to consideration. It’s too easy for someone who has a little technical ability, or ssshoo, no technical ability at all, that can through up a website. There a lot of free or low cost services that will allow you to drag and drop a few elements on a page and voila! You’ve got a website!

It’s important that a playlist have a theme Playlists

You know, in this era, it appears that no matter who you are, or what you are, people frown on advice. Not only that, it seems that good advice from life experience, is now seen as being synonymous with “someone tryin’ to tell you what to do.” People are so offended by, or even threatened by new information today, that almost anything can be seen as an insult at will. You’re then scanned up and down, given you the signal you’re about to be paid back with a barrage of insults to your character, or even the way you write. “It is said that music is supposed to sooth the savage beast,” yet, it doesn’t seem to do anything for some of today’s “music lovers” behavior. Hmm. But I’ll digress on that one.

The fact of the matter is, we all don’t have the same taste in music. It is important to give clues as to what the playlist may contain. It’s the same idea when you’re trying to find a good movie to watch. This is why many of us still search for movie genres. Unfortunately, many streaming services, including Spotify has moved away from music categories. Perhaps this is due to AI becoming so sophisticated, they’ve mastered your listening habits. I can respect that. However, when it comes to playlists, notice that there still exist basic categories to help users find the type of music their looking for. Don’t name your playlist “the best-est playlist in the entire world,” and plop 9,000 random songs, or dump whole albums in it and expect followers. Unless you’re one of those people that payed for bulk followers. Those aren’t real people! The one thing that hasn’t changed in the music digital age is that, it still takes heart and lots of thought to put together a playlist for your audience!  In the seventies or even the eighties, when you met someone new, you’d never dump anything random on a cassette tape to give your crush/valentines. Why would you do that for your fans you’re trying to build?

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Google Engine: Find What You Want