Songs Used In Comercials

This category is for songs that were used in a commercial. Fun memories!!

You Get What You Give by Beacon Street

Still ruff dealing with my loss. But I figured the best thing to do is keep on writing. I want to share with you a song that came out this year. It’s a song produced for the University of Phoenix commercial. The song is called “You Get What You Give,” by Beacon Street. It doesn’t appear that I can find anything on this “band?” It could have been just a project specifically for the purpose of promoting the commercial.

People Must Have Really Liked This Song

Having said that, people must have really liked this song! Because if this was just for the commercial, I don’t understand why something like this would be out as a single on Spotify? For the longest time, when I heard this on TV, I thought the singer was Norah Jones. Which I love her music  too btw; they both have that very smooth jazzy/folk style.

I Thought It Was Norah Jones

Although, I can’t seem to find the name of the female singing in the group (unless her name is really Mack); I did manage to find out that the song was actually a reinterpretation. This was originally performed by a group called New Rascals in 1998, and the song hit #36 on the Top 100 Charts. I barely remember this song. To be honest, I loved the way “Beacon Street” sang it better. Interesting that Beacon Street received a little more than 180k plays, from just hearing the song from the commercial. Imagine if it was properly marketed in the music arena? Hmmm

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