Hey guys! I do hope you guys are enjoying my classic blog so far? Well, judging how people are still visiting my site, I’m guessing many of you do 😄. This new section is something I’ve been toying with for weeks. Since I also love movies & TV, I decided to create “Movie Sounds and Movie Reviews,”  to write about movies, while still keeping my site music oriented. Keep in mind that this is a “test page,” therefore, there’s no set schedule. As I’ve mentioned before, whether you’re a YouTuber, or a blogger, maintaining your platforms is a lot of work. Having said that, since I’m a single blogger, there will be times I have to pullback a little bit, to prevent “blogger burnout.” I do promise my readers to have something new on my site at least once a week.

Black Panther (2018) - SpotifyThrowbacks.com

But, for this article, I don’t want to write about soundtracks yet. I’d like to write about a subject that’s been on my mind. I can’t remember if I’ve written about it yet. Not sure how to put this in words. But, I’ve noticed (what I’ve interpreted as) a growing need to typecast Black superheroes. I don’t think this is my imagination. Black Panther, Black Lightning, Luke Cage; or even as far back as “M.A.N.T.I.S.,” Batwing, Django, Cloak (from Cloak & Dagger), Vixen, the list goes on. With the exception of Bishop, or perhaps Blade, the story line almost always takes place in the hood, or ends in the hood at some point. And I really do hope that this doesn’t become a trend that will kill diversity when it comes to Black superheroes.

M.A.N.T.I.S. - SpotifyThrowbacks.com

Because if it does indeed become a trend, there will be a demand in Hollywood to keep Black actors in certain roles. I have to be honest, some of you may thing I’m exaggerating, but, sometimes it reminds me of the 80s movies that starred rap artists. If Ice-T,  or any other rapper at the time was in a movie, it was guaranteed it was gonna be about the drugs and the streets. I don’t wanna go back to a time where Hollywood only thinks that that’s the only thing Blacks can do.

Now, I’ve also considered the possibility that, this might be a “first step of having our own superheroes,” or trying to create something that they feel Black audiences would connect with. Let’s not forget that the Black community is extremely diverse, and we’re not all going to jive. It’s just way too easy for Black superheroes on screen to promote stereotypes. Not to down the success of movies like Black Panther, it still doesn’t change my concern for typecasting Black actors. But….. Let’s see what happens…..

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