Poetic Justice (1993),” starring Janet Jackson, the late Tupac, Q-Tip, Mya Angelou, and many others. Now, I have to be honest, I wasn’t drawn to see this movie. Most of my long time followers know my feelings on not only hip hop, but my feelings on hip hop and the movies. I’m also not the type of person who gravitates towards romantic movies. Just never liked them. So, this goes without saying, after all these years, I still did not see the movie. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the storytelling, and the truth about what it was like then living in ghettos of many Black communities, but I guess I was just tired of seeing so much of the same kind of movies produced during the 90s Black/hip hop movie era.

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But, maybe I’ll change my mind and finally see it one day, since there are so many artists that I do like that appear in the movie, such as Janet & Q-Tip. Plus,  it has now been 26 years since its release, it would definitely be a nostalgic experience! I will say that given not only Janet Jackson’s association with being a Jackson member, but her own celebrity status, I found it quite shocking that she would be in this kind of movie. Then again, back in the 90s era, almost every interview I heard by actors, they talked a lot about “expanding their careers.” Well, despite the fact that I just admitted to not seeing the movie, I do like to acknowledge that I think the soundtrack was really amazing!

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There were some pretty big names on this album; Tony! Toni! Tone!, Baby Face, and even Stevie Wonder. Now, one of the songs that really sticks out to me is “Niggas Don’t Give A F*ck,” by a group called “Tha Dogg Pound.” Now, I don’t usually like to hear profanity in hip hop, but, this is one of those rare exceptions to the rule. At least when I put it in context to the movie. While listening to “Niggas Don’t Give A F*ck,” I was literally thrust(ed) back to the 90’s, a time where you really needed to watch your step, and how you approached people then. The title alone explains everything! The beat is kind of hot too (I’m not gonna lie). If my memory serves me, both Warren G, and Snoop Dogg were a member of “Tha Dogg Pound.”

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My blog fans may not realize I also love artists such as Monica. I was a huge Monica fan (still is). So, the song “I’ve Been Waiting,” a duet with Terri, I really liked. I totally forgot that “Naughty By Nature,” was on this soundtrack too. I think they were one of the fastest speaking rappers I ever heard. I really only liked one rap they did called “OPP (1991).” But, “Poor Man’s Poetry,” I think was a good track, and fell in line with the movie. I also loved “Cash In My Hands,” by Nice & Smooth. You know, speaking of Q-Tip, listening to this song by “Nice & Smooth,” reminds me a lot of “A Tribe Called Quest.” Same kind of jazzy smooth raps. Love that kind of hip hop! Check out the entire Poetic Justice album.