Important Tips You MUST Know About Spotify

I am so tired of seeing all this “copy and paste” crap that all these fake bloggers are doing, and not contributing real thoughtful information. I’m reading more and more of users complaining about the kinds of music that Spotify suggests to it’s individual listeners. Because of this, users hastily assume that Spotify isn’t a good service. Hello? There’s a reason why there’s over 140+ million active users a month! Not only there’s a technical reason for it, there’s an easy fix for it too. You need to not just know how to play music on Spotify, you need to understand how it works too, in order for you to have the best user experience. People are so focused on getting free music, that people aren’t invested in understanding it, ’cause most don’t care, and you should. As a whole, the most important thing you MUST understand about Spotify, is that it is solely driven by algorithms. It is your own PERSONALIZED music discovery service. This is something that should be attractive to older folk; who only have interest in a particular genre. You absolutely cannot use Spotify the way you use YouTube!! Spotify is a TRUE music discovery service by way of extremely complex algorithms! If you don’t understand what algorithms are, you can just google it. Algorithms in the context of Spotify, is a complex method of figuring out your musical tastes in music, and tries to predict (and does a darn good job) new music that you may like to listen to, by associating artists, music tempo, genres, and so on. They do this by inserting new music when creating radio stations, listening to genres & moods, your “Discover Weekly,” and “Your Daily Mixes,” etc…. For Spotify to suggest the best music for you, it takes in to account the following:

  • Music you thumbs up
  • Music you thumbs down
  • Any song you skip before 30 seconds is the equivalent of a thumbs down
  • Your personal music (DRM free) (matched with Spotify’s massive library)
  • Albums you save from Spotify
  • Songs you save to a playlist
  • Music you’ve Shazam’d directly to your Spotify playlist
  • New playlists created from existing playlists
  • Playlists you follow
  • Artists you follow
  • Genres most collected and listened to
  • Music you listen to for longer than 30 seconds, is recorded as a listening pattern

So, I want you to memorize the list I’ve given you above. What can you conclude from the above list? Be careful of the playlist you follow. If it has 5,000 songs in it (or a collaborative playlist (even worse)), with a playtime value of more than one week— Don’t save it!!! I guarantee you, that so called playlist is not worth the name it was given. No human being would invest that kind of time to listen to a playlist that claims “it’s the greatest you’ve ever heard.” No one would invest time listening to that playlist, I don’t even think if your boyfriend made it for you. Spotify will think that you like all the songs in that 5,000 song playlist. You can’t complain if Spotify is suggesting garbage to you. Personally, I have a rule of thumb. If an album has less than <4 songs I actually like, those songs get put on a playlist instead of saving the whole album. Get it? That will also eliminate users complaining about the 10,000 song limit on albums. The reality is, most people don’t like all songs on every album. Why would you save the whole thing? Duuhhh? It’ll actually take you longer to sift through albums, cause you probably can’t remember the songs you do like. If you still want to save the song as an album instead of a playlist, just click the check mark for that song only. That’s it!! You keep doing what I’ve suggested, and you’ll probably see a difference in about a week (or perhaps more), depending on how much disliked music you’ve listened to, and or saved or both. Why will it take so long? Each time you listen to a song, your behavior/patterns are recorded as data (NOT data saved to your local computer or cellphone, but data collected and stored on Spotify), it’ll take awhile for that to offset. Think of it as changing a point average on a group of numbers. So, listening to a couple of songs you find out later you don’t like will not effect anything much. But following an entire 6,000 song playlist worth of random and meaningless garbage may affect your account.

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