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A huge Billboard hit called Ten Percent by a group called Double Exposure

Oh boy. Do I remember the song called Ten Percent by Double Exposure. I was only nine years old when I was grooving to this song. Having said that, I guess this is one of those rare moments, when it comes to disco music, and disco remixes, the beat is important if you want people to dance. I don’t even think I was paying attention to the lyrics at that age; but boy did I love to groove to this song.

Group Was Extremely Underrated

As talented as this group was, the group was extremely underrated in my strong opinion. Although Ten Percent did reach the 2nd position on the Billboard Dance Charts, they should have had way more than that. That is, considering the fact that their sound was very close to that of Tavares, and The 4 Tops; and both those groups had huge success.

They Were Signed To Salsoul Records

I had absolutely no idea, or memory that they were signed to Salsoul Records at the time this gem was released. Now, if anyone knows about disco & Latin disco, the Salsoul label was IT back in the day. If you were signed to one of those labels, you were practically guaranteed a hit career. Maaaaaan please. I’m not going to even go in to their long music roster.

The Group Tavares! Still talented, and still rocking it.

They’re still performing, and still looking good! Before I forget, I’d like to share another huge favorite, which hit the 15th position on the Dance Billboard Charts. The song in called My Love Is Free. A last huge favorite of mine that didn’t make the charts, and was released in 1978. The song is called, Perfect Lover. I just loved there ability to switch from disco to soul, and back again without missing a step.

Watcha Gonna Do With My Lovin by Stephanie Mills, on spotify, checkout

Gosh…. 1979! I can’t believe how long ago it’s been. My favorite Stephanie Mills song of all times is on this album! As far as I’m concerned, the disco world closed the 70s era, with one of the best disco song ever! (in my opinion). “What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin’” had a smooth consistent beat, and it had the kind of beat that both young and old could dance too. This was the first gift my late aunt give to me @ the age of 12. I was the happiest boy ever that day. I played that song so much, I’m surprised the album didn’t turn in to dust. ? This was such a popular song, I’m suprised it didn’t rank higher on the billboards. What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin’ ranked #8 on the R&B charts, and #22 on the Top 100.

20th Century Collection

Mills possesses such a beautiful and unique voice in my opinion. It’s so distinctive that on the first note, fans all know exactly who it is! I’m surprised that Spotify doesn’t have more of her old albums. However, the have most, if not all of her major hits, as well as my favorite lesser known songs. I thought about creating a playlist, but instead just go to her 20th Century Collection.


Alicia Bridges: I Love The Night Life (Disco 'Round) (1978) #Spotify #Disco #Music

At the almost end of the seventies, “I Love The Night Life (Disco ‘Round)” by Alicia Bridges released in 1978, has been one of my many ultimate 70’s disco favorites. Unfortunately, this was Alicia’s only major hit record in her entire career. It’s a shame because she really had a good voice. But, as I listened closely to her songs, her voice appeared to be all over the place. As if she and her producers were still trying to find where to place her voice. I really think she should have continued with the disco genre. There’s no doubt that if she had better song writers, her career would have continued to sore. Then again, the other probable factor was, she was already much older by the time she came out with her first record. It’s very possible they really didn’t know how to market her; and that “I Love The Night Life,” may have been one damn lucky hit!

Back Where We Started From by Maxine Nightingale

Do you guys remember Maxine Nightingale? She had a disco hit called “Right Back Where We Started From,” released in 1976. The song peaked #2 position on the Top 100 Charts, and stayed relevant for 20 weeks. This song has became such an anthem, I’m surprised that the song dropped off the Top 100 so soon. Even today, the song has been Shazam’d almost a third of a million times! This was not only a fun and danceable record, it was one of the few positive “let’s get back together” songs we had in the 70s. Maxine was musically immortalized because of this song. Maxine also had one more major hit, however this one was a slow jam. The song is called “Lead Me On.” “Lead Me On,” peaked at the fifth position on the Top 100 charts. You know it was interesting, as I was researching the music stats, I discovered that this song was written by David Lasley and Alle Willis. This surprised me quite a bit, because for some reason, I could have sworn one of the BeeGees written this song. It sounds exactly like the kinds of music they had written and performed.

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