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I really do hope that my visitors are enjoying my site. I work really hard to unearth these handpicked gems that have been long forgotten. Music is just as much a part of all our cultures as anything else. In fact, I dare to say music is perhaps the single thing responsible for helping us to emotionally survive many tough times in our lives! Music truly has healing properties, both mentally and physically. This is one of the reasons the words we listen to within music are important. As far as I’m concerned, it should be compulsory that all parents teach their kids the power of words. Be it on a record, or in daily conversations with each other.

Relatively speaking, there are only a handful of dedicated people who are blogging our American music history (or abroad). Although I love all kinds of music, I try to make sure I have enough content that showcase phenomenal musicians of color. Young people have got to be encourage to expose themselves to Black music other than hip hop and twerk music. We’re not forever young, and I think the lack of diversity can really narrow the kinds of people we meet throughout our lives.

Anyway, I thought about this long and hard… I understand that not everyone is in to clicking ads (and that includes myself). Sometimes the ads offer things I’m just not interested in. I get it, I get it ?. So, I’m offering another way of supporting my blog. You can donate to my blog via cryptocurrency. Why not? Soon it will be the way we purchase goods, I might as well start early! ? It’s fast, anonymous, and I don’t require any personal information from you. I also don’t track IP addresses (just in case you’re wondering). This will help a great deal with the yearly server costs. Please click the donate button, and choose one out of 6 coins you’d like to donate with. Once again, I appreciate your support ?

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