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Hey guys,

On my old blog (VintageNewscast) I’ve touched on some important subject matters that I feel are still relevant today. So I brought some of those articles back. Articles such as, “Important Tips You MUST Know About Spotify.” So many people misunderstand Spotify, and if you want to get the best out of Spotify, you need to invest time to really learn it first before making any quick assumptions. The next important article is “Legal Streaming vs. Torrents: The Dawn Of A New File Sharing Era!” I know that this is a very long article I’ve written, however, if you want to understand how important legal music streaming is, it is worth the read. “The Future Of Classic Music Culture,” is an article I’ve written on my detailed concerns of our classic music culture disappearing. “Where To Find Old School Classics?” These are some ideas I came up with on where you can find even more classic music to re-discover in the digital age.