Disco Sounds & The Disco Era

This category consists of disco, or disco sounds of the 70s-80s. Lots of great stuff in our music history. You’ll find some of the biggest dance hits of that era. Hope you enjoy the flashbacks.

Back Where We Started From by Maxine Nightingale

Do you guys remember Maxine Nightingale? She had a disco hit called “Right Back Where We Started From,” released in 1976. The song peaked #2 position on the Top 100 Charts, and stayed relevant for 20 weeks. This song has became such an anthem, I’m surprised that the song dropped off the Top 100 so soon. Even today, the song has been Shazam’d almost a third of a million times! This was not only a fun and danceable record, it was one of the few positive “let’s get back together” songs we had in the 70s. Maxine was musically immortalized because of this song. Maxine also had one more major hit, however this one was a slow jam. The song is called “Lead Me On.” “Lead Me On,” peaked at the fifth position on the Top 100 charts. You know it was interesting, as I was researching the music stats, I discovered that this song was written by David Lasley and Alle Willis. This surprised me quite a bit, because for some reason, I could have sworn one of the BeeGees written this song. It sounds exactly like the kinds of music they had written and performed.

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