I just wanted to share some thoughts I’ve been feeling since the last year or so. Ever since Trump won the election in 2016, a pandora’s box of shit was unleashed upon the American public, and still continues to reek havoc. While we all have our personal political views, and our own personal feelings of what we think of Trump, the fact of the matter is, politics is freakin’ complicated, and we need to acknowledge this. We cannot approach politics with the attitude, “you’re either looking at a black crayon, or a white crayon.” As if it is not possible that a grey crayon can exist. I was never one that was in to politics, but I guess now that I’m much older, politics has become more and more of a concern. Simply put, I now understand more than ever that whatever happens within politics, can drastically not only change my way of life, but the life of all Americans.

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While America has advanced in so many ways in terms of medicine, and technology, we’re still primitive in our thinking. To be honest, I am quite baffled how technical advancement and being socially primitive can occupy the same space. By the way, what I mean by socially primitive, I mean how social constructs still dominate our lives, despite the improvements in our way of life. But I’d like to sincerely ask something of my readers. If you consider yourself a “never Trumper,” I would ask that you take a moment from laughing at all the Trump memes, the memes that depict him as being the biggest idiot on the planet. I need you to think about something. Growing up, one of the most valuable lessons I leaned in school is that, when you are doing something good, the haters will always take a magnifying glass and find the smallest imperfections about hated person, and magnify them to make themselves feel better

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I need you to understand the seriousness of what the democrats have done since Trump came to office. The democrats effectively used our ignorance to prevent solutions to things that are critical to Americans, ie, health care being the top of that list. Understand that the democrats have created a situation where, if a company you work for supports Trump, democrats would not only boycott that business, they’d encourage people not to do business with said company (or literally block customers if they could). You have to understand how not only ridiculous that is, it’s down right evil. To boycott a Trump supporting business, you’re effectively taking away the livelihood of their employees, who may not even have any political affiliations. To have someone like Maxine Waters encourage people to basically harass others who don’t agree with the democratic agenda. Do you understand that we have not heard one democrat denounce the violence against Trump supporters? Then the democrats has the balls to demand that Trump denounce White supremacy, and they can’t even acknowledge the devastation they caused by perusing the damn witch hunt. You can’t say everyone has their own right to an opinion, when the reality is the political climate now forces you to be in the closet. In some ways, this is very eerily familiar to the dangers of homophobia. You can dislike Trump all you want, but you can’t ignore the discourse and the division that the democratic party has helped to cause America.

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We need to start thinking, and thinking hard. Very hard. We cannot just react when democrats utter keywords, or phrases like “racist,” or “evil.” We have to seriously look at how our behavior effects each other. ‘Cause from where I stand, when democrats use terms of phrases like “the political party is too White.” Or The White House is controlled by too many “old White men in power,” then Trump is not the racist, the democrats are. This notion that people of color can’t be racist is bullshit. We must be able to listen to those who disagree with us, and make an attempt to have real dialogue. We are now in the midst of a cultural shift, it is imperative that we understand each other and respect each other. Also understand that “rights,” does not mean the “right” to oppress others with your beliefs. Freedoms in America has been grossly abused. Perhaps we truly forgot what freedom means? And if Americans truly did forget exactly what freedom means; we will not remember it until one day we wake up and find that it has gone.